Learning the Eskimo roll

The eskimo roll is thus something I see as a solution when the initial handling of the situation was not good enough to keep me on the surface, and when I need a better way to get up than just getting out of the kayak in the water (doing the wet exit).
It is a vital rescue technique that every kayaker should master before or a little bit after starting paddling.
All rolling sessions take place in Ligaria bay or Pantanassa marina, a few km outside of Heraklion city.
It is also possible to practise Eskimo roll though winter months. Dry suit will be provided by us.
Water temperature is at its lowest around 15oC during the winter and up to 27oC during the summer.

Participant/Instructor ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 (max).

This 3-hour, one and a half-morning and another one and a half evening class covers the basic progression of Eskimo rolling. Each class includes detailed instruction followed by exercises in the water.

You can practise either with euro blade or Greenland style paddle or both!

We provide this course through the whole year. Contact us to let you know about availability. Spots are filling up fast so make sure to register on time.

Price: 90€ per session (1.5 hour). Price includes all equipment including a dry suit for the winter months.