West Peloponnese

Activity Level: Advanced
Period: Only during August or uppon request from November to March.
Duration & distance: 7 days and about 150km.
Price: 790€ per person.
Minimum participants: Four (4), maximum 8

Required paddling experience
This expedition is for strong and competent paddlers who would like to enjoy the experience of an extended sea trip and rough water.  Experience of specialist sea kayaks is essential.  
To join you should be:
  • Fit enough to paddle up to 30km/day
  • Have effective support strokes and be able to cope with moderate seas
  • Have experience of rough water
  • Able to control the boat down wind and across the wind
  • Able to perform an assisted rescue

Arrival and departure dates

We will meet in Athens in Pireaus harbour and therefore you should arrive in Athens the day before. Transfer is included in price.
On the last day of the trip we will return back to Pireaus and Athens by our car. This is about 5 hours driving with small stops. We expect to be back in Pireaus in the evening between 5-7pm.

If you flying from Athens aiport (most likely)  you will need to get the the train and metro. It is about an hour and thirty minutes from Pireaus harbour and the ticket cost around 8 euros.
It is very easy from the airport to meet us in the Pireaus harbour too uppon your arrival. Detailed information will be given via email.

Expedition plan, camping & food

The whole expedition is about 150 km. This equates to about 21.5km/day in 7 days, however bad weather days will make it necessary to increase the daily kilometers up to 40 or more.
The expedition is self catering.  Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal in turn. You are welcome to bring some food from home if you wish, however I suggest we buy most of the food, and especially water, after we meet in Pireaus.  We will buy 2 days worth of food and water at the beginning as there we will be able to restock during the route.  Meals in seaside towns, or beachside Taverna's, are a possibility but not every day and depending the season.

Small villages and towns like Marathopoli, Pilos, Methoni (wth an awosome castle), Koroni, Foinikounta and Kalamata are all on our way on this kayak trip.
The Kalamata Olives, often known as the Greek olives, have distinctive taste and appearance, with oval shape, dark purple color, big size, intense flavor and fleshy texture. You need to taste them!

This is an outstanding trip with some very interesting island crossings and many remote beaches, not to be missed!