During the hike we will visit to the historic monastery Odigitria and also the beautiful beach in the west near Matala which called "red sand".
The hike offers a great view to the sea.
Best suited for hikers that traveling off season (October-May) due to been in low altitude thus having higher temperatures during the summer.

Duringthe hike we will find Byzantine churches, remnants of fortifications and aqueducts. Part of the hike has great views to the Libyan Sea and the Messara valley crowned by Psiloritis, Kedros and the White Mountains. Final destination is the small village of Matala.

There are many artificial caves in the cliff of the Matala bay were created in the Neolithic Age. In the year 220 BC., Matala was occupied by the Gortynians, and during the Roman period, Matala became the port of Gortys. In the 1st and 2nd centuries, the caves were used as tombs. One of the caves is called "Brutospeliana" because according to the legend it was frequented by the Roman general Brutus.

Matala was then a fishing village. In the 1960s, the caves were occupied by hippies who were later driven out by the church and the military junta.

Hiking Hours: 5
Price: 60€ per person
Minimum Participants: 3