Belay Services
Belay services are at 80€ per person with a minimum of 2 participants. Contact us if you are traveling alone to check if you can fit into any already planned trips.
All climbing gear is provided by us apart from climbing shoes.


Our rock climbing coaching session, based on helping climbers of all standards and levels to improve their performance and gain further enjoyment of the sport.
The coaching climbing session of Enjoy-Crete are aimed at improving technic, tactics , strategies and climbing confidence in a relaxed, inspiring and friendly environment with positive climbing.
Coaching sessions usually delivered near Heraklio city and we need a minimum of two participants.

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Indoor Climbing

Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the climbing centre you will receive a briefing to discuss your lesson plan, including a safety briefing.
Your lessons will start with a warm up before learning the techniques of bouldering!
Your group will then be shown safe rope technique, belaying climbers at the wall, lowering correctly and tie-ing in with climbing knots. You will practice all these with your instructor on hand to help.

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Families and groups

The simplest and most cost effective way to charge for large groups is to charge per guide.
The fee per guide is 250€.
We recommend a 4 to 1 climber to guide ratio.
We can push it to 5 to 1, but the experience is compromised because there are more people on the ground than climbing.

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Equipment Rental

At Enjoy-Crete you will find anything you want in terms of rock climbing.
Our equipment is been replaced every 4 years or even earlier if needed thus giving you the option to always use an up to date equipment.
Equipment from top companies like Petzl, Mammut, Camp and Ferrino to name a few.

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