Planning your trip

Planning a kayak expedition

We are glad that you are interested in taking a kayaking trip with us and spent your holidays in Crete with Enjoy-Crete. Below you will find a list of common questions and other useful information that will help you choosing the right day or multi day kayaking trip with us.

Do you have some dates in mind?
Start with a look at the published dates for our multi day kayak trips. Day trips are planned on a daily basis based on weather conditions and bookings. You can browse our whole list of kayaking day trips and use the relevant booking form that exist on each page.

Are you not sure what skill level you are?
Day trips require no previous knowledge when weather is calm. When conditions are rough and your experience is not enough we will try to change the dates if possible. If not a full refund will be given. Multi Day trips require skill levels close to 3* (based on British Canoe Union). If you are not sure about your skill level please contact us.

Ready to sign up?
Great! Just use the relevant booking form that exist on the top right of each trip. Be sure to read before our FAQ for day trips or multi day trips.

Looking for a rental kayak?
We have double kayaks with rudders available to rent, as well as selections from our expedition fleet of skegged single Nigel Dennis Kayaks, when they are not needed for an expedition. We do screen people thoroughly. Please do not be offended; we take the responsibility very seriously, and we haven’t had a chance to get to know you yet! To inquire about rentals, please be sure you read everything we got under our rental page and especially the requirements.

Looking for a specific trip but don’t see dates for it?
It could mean we don’t have it planned in the near future, or we don't have enough interest for other dates. Email us discuss further.

Interested in a custom trip for yourself, your group, or your family?
Please contact us! Planning at least 4 months in advance ensures the best availability, but try us anytime.

Wondering about our cancellation policy?
You can find that info here on the Terms and Service page.

Why choose Enjoy-Crete?
1. Quality of equipment
2. Training and certification of guides.
3. Small groups (max 6 on most trips).
4. We won’t cancel your trip for low enrollment.
5. Most of our guides are local with extensive knowledge of the island of Crete.
6. Most importantly, our specialty is you. We are a small company run by paddling enthusiasts for paddling enthusiasts. Your trip is a unique, special experience, not an assembly line. Your vacation time is precious and worth our very best!

We look forward to paddling with you!