​​​​​​​ Activity Level: Moderate (in the usual weather conditions), 12-15 km
Departures: Pick up between 8-9 am from Heraklio or anywhere else near the trip. You are welcome to meet us in the starting point. Just contact us for more details.
Start and End time: daily 8-9 am until 4-6 pm
Price: €80 per person.
Price Includes: All sea kayak equipment and local guide.
Experience Required:A sea kayaking trip suitable for everyone. We use stable tandem Sea Kayaks and provide all required kayaking equipment. Single kayaks are available only to those with some experience.
Minimum participants: 4.

The name of Lentas possibly derives from the Greek word lion (in Greek leontas). It refers to the lion shaped cape that makes the small protected bay of Lentas. This cape is documented in medieval maps as Cape Liontas.

Lentas belongs to an area where the climate consists an exception in accordance to the climate on the island of Crete which is Mediterranean. Lentas falls in the North African climatic zone and thus enjoys significantly more sunny days and high temperatures during the summer. Probably the best time to visit Lentas is spring and autumn. The photos on this article taken in middle March of 2012 with temperature been near 20oC.

Our daily trip starts from the beach of Diskos, 2km west of Lentas. It is a beautiful sandy beach. From there we will paddle near the cliffs of Lendas cape, we will pass the small village of Lentas and will continue through an amazing scenery for a couple of km's until we reach the Trafoulas beach.
The beach of Trafoulas is also called Psili Ammos and is one of the most beautiful beaches of the wider area. The cliffs around the beach and inside a small gorge are full of rock climbing routes. If you are into rock climbing you can get your climbing shoes with you and do some bouldering while rest of the group relaxing!
The only way to reach this beach is either by boat (sea kayak etc) or by walking (30 minutes).


Lentas has a rich past and there are evidence that it had been first habitated from the Neolithic and Early Minoan period (3rd millennium BC). Lentas is also known to be one of the two harbours of Gortys, which became the most prominent city of Crete after the fall of Knossos. In the late Classical period (beginning of the 4th century B.C.) the Gortynians established the sanctuary of Askleipios at the harbour. During the tremendous earthquake of 46 B.C. Lentas was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt. Gortys later was the Province's capital during the Roman era, which also comprised Cyrnaica (ancient Libya). In the early Christian and Byzantine periods, a small settlement developed and a basilica was erected. The small Byzantine church of St. John was built in the 14th century. The archaeological investigation of the site started after the first visit of the English captain H. Spratt, in the middle of the 19th century. Excavations were carried out by the Italian Archaeological School at Athens in 1900, 1910 and 1912–13, and revealed the sanctuary and other buildings. Since then no excavation had taken place in the ancient city until recent years, when the investigations of the Greek Archaeological Service brought to light the Minoan settlement and graves.

Today in Lentas there is an archaeological site of the sanctuary of Askleipios and the Byzantine church of St John. It is believed that Levin during the Roman occupation became a sanatorium where sick wealthy Romans, mainly from North Africa, received treatment. The treatment consisted of a diet with mineral water from an ancient spring near the temple of Askleipios, which was believed to have therapeutic properties, and local fruits. Today Lentas is a popular tourist destination and has rural and stock farming activities.


Please bear in mind that the itinerary can be altered for numerous reasons beyond our control (e.g. harsh weather) to ensure the safety and the well being of the group. The final selection is left up to the guide. Temperature during summer months (June - early September) are between 30oC - 45oC. During the winter temperature might dropped down to 8-10oC.

This is a water sport and you will get a little wet while getting in and out of the kayak.

  • Something to drink. Water works great, try to have 1.5lt with you if possible on small bottles.
  • Lunch - We will stop for lunch during the trip.
  • Shoes you do not mind getting soaked as you will get your feet wet. Ideally a light neopren shoe. If you don't have any we can supply you without extra cost.
  • Board shorts or long synthetic pants work well for your lower body.
  • Layers work well for the upper half and to keep you protected from the sun in the summer or from the cold in the winter.
  • Bring a hat; it work great to keep the sun out of your eyes or the rain off your head.
  • Sunscreen; even if the sun is not shining, UV rays get reflected from the water and will burn you.
  • Sunglasses
  • A camera or binoculars; We will provide a dry bag to keep them safe and dry.
  • If you have allergies that require the use of an EPI Pen - Bring It!
  • A beach towel and camera are optional

Our daily trip starts from the beach of Diskos, 2km west of Lentas.

On this Google Map link you can see the meeting point; the kayaks will be next to the beach, can't be missed.

At the time of booking a 20% non refundable administration fee will be required to confirm the reservation. If you cancel for any reason it is not possible to get a refund.

To finalize the booking you will need to submit the booking form as it has important information that we need. Once we receive the form we will send you within 1-2 days (usually same day) a secure link to make the payment with your credit card. Rest of the money can be given to us by cash once we meet in Crete.