Day Trips by Rosi Jori (2016)

Stelios  from the ENJOY CRETE KAYAKING company, in my opinion, was to us a SUPERB kayaking guide and driver.
Every morning, weather and conditions permitting, he would pick us up at our hotel, drive us through the impressive road-maze past white snowy mountains on one side, and sunny blue waves on the other side....and then put our kayaks into water to paddle us towards our previously emailed destinations...a cute little cove here, an interesting village cave and tunnel there, nice waves in between.

On the very first day he kept watching us how we paddled, with what strength, style and confidence. And after the second day he started to make suggestions like how to hold the paddle to avoid blisters between fingers and thumbs and how to save energy.

I enjoyed this caring and non-intrusive being there.

Loads of success for all your new kayaking tours, STELIOS!

Rosi Jory
lives and kayaks the Bay of Fundy in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and is very proud to have been STELIOS' oldest female paddler yet.



Take your hotel provided Crete map with you on your kayaking trips to colour-felt-marker-in the routes and places you visited and gain a longer lasting impact for yourself and your friends at home.