Archaeological museum of Ancient Eleftherna

Archaeological museum of Ancient Eleftherna

Located in Rethimno, Crete, in a region of great natural beauty with great view to the Aegean Sea, the Archaeological Museum of Eleftherna opened in 2017.

The Museum of ancient Eleutherna – Homer in Crete, the first archaeological site museum in Crete, although smaller in size, is similar to those of Olympia, Delphi, and Vergina. The museum was created to house the results of the excavations carried out for thirty years in the ancient city of Eleutherna. The originality of this museum is that the objects of the permanent exhibition will be updated periodically with new and older finds, so that the public’s interest is continuous and relates to the discoveries and expansion of the excavation work on the site.
The exhibition will be accompanied by original and modern audiovisual exhibits.

The museum along with its surroundings occupies an area of 13 acres, while the museum itself will be housed in an area of 1,800 m2 and will include an exhibition area with patio, offices, maintenance areas and the restrooms.

The exhibition of the findings in the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Eleftherna will display approximately 15,000 items, unearthed by the archaeologists from the necropolis of Ancient Eleftherna and not only.

The big hall will host the findings relevant with the city of Eleftherna itself and its history, from 3.000 BC until the Byzantine period and will include the whole range of excavations. The second hall will display sacred and traditional, every-day items, while the third hall will be dedicated to the necropolis. The showcases will not only display the items, but also will explain the relations among Eleftherna and Crete and other cities. At the entrance there will be touchscreens placed to provide the information to the visitors.

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