Wooden Sea Kayak
By Stelios

Building a wooden sea kayak

Building a wooden sea kayak nowadays is a quite complex procedure.
To simplify the procedure a few companies/people offering free or paid building plans. That gives you at least a good starting point instead of designing everything from scratch.

To make the long story short I & my colleague Vasilis choose to build the CNC Vember Expedition sea kayak. It is a British style kayak.
The boat comes into two versions; the normal and the expedition. We did the second one which extends the length by 10% to 5.35m (17.53 feet) while maintaining the same beam and stability characteristics. The construction follows the Vember Build Manual, but with the transverse temporary forms spaced at 330mm rather than 300mm.

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Eskimo roll
By Stelios

Which kayak day trip to select?

Which kayak day trip to select? To answer better this question you need to know roughly where your hotel is in Crete in terms of the map.
The easier way to determine this if you are not already in Crete, is to type in Google Maps your hotel name. Then zoom out until you see the whole island and you will get an idea about your location.
This is very important as to drive from one side to the island to the other you will need 6-7 hours one way. If you haven’t book your accommodation and you do need transport you need to stay in Heraklion as we pick up only from there.
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Sea Kayaking Greece
By Stelios

Sea Kayaking Greece: Sporades

With my daughter been just 5 years old by the time of this post and a very tight schedule due to work commitments; I was amazed that I’ve managed to get some time off during the last week of January. Reason being a sea kayaking trip in northern Greece with my friend George who lives in Athens. After getting the approval from my boss (= my lovely wife, Penny) I’ve packed quickly my gear & food for a week, got the tickets for the ferry from Crete to Athens and everything was ready.

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By Stelios

Coping with wind from the side

In my experience the most efficient way to gain a good tracking is through use of either a skeg or a rudder. A skeg will perform much better in big waves as it is “staying” inside the water while rudder pedals will be a hell of a work to keep them in the proper position.
Over the years I found the most unreliable rudder pedals to be those from Smart Track as they tend to break easily once you start pushing a lot. I’ve replaced almost the majority in my kayaks with those from Sealect and found them excellent.

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