We pick up clients from 2 spots depending where you are staying. Sometimes it is in a walking distance from the city and some other times depending the location of your apartment might be a 5-10 minutes driving with a taxi. Usually that doesn't cost more than 5-10 euros. Check this link for meeting point 1 or this link for meeting point 2.
Day-trips are the perfect way to combine a kayaking experience with your Greek holiday. Logistically simple, day-trips require minimal equipment and preparation. Planned on a day to day basis, we try to choose the best possible spot, rather than fighting with big waves and wind taking into account the preferences and experience of the group. A single day-trip is a great way to see parts of Crete if your time is limited and for those new to the paddling sport. No previous kayaking experience is necessary; instruction is offered as required. The best when booking for a trip is to just choose the one that is close to your hotel and then let us choose the best possible based on sea conditions.
For rock climbing you should book a trip specific for rock climbing as it is not possible to combine it unless you book for the multi sport trip (8 days).
Yes, we've got several. Usually one dry bag is enough per kayak for day trips as hatches are dry.
Of course as long as you've paddled before and know how to track the kayak in a straight line. If you haven't paddle before, you can still book for a single kayak but weather needs to be relatively calm as the majority of the people without experience struggling to follow the group if sea is not flat. We've got a big selection of high quality single boats. Always mention in your booking your dimensions (height and weight) in order to allow us to choose the best kayak for your body type.
The earlier, the better to guarantee availability with a minimum notice of two-three days. Sometimes I might be able to sort out a last minute booking but is not always possible. During summer months is not rare to be fully booked for 5-8 days so if you want to ensure paddling in Crete please get in touch the earliest possible. During the winter there is more flexibility.
We are running day trips based on bookings and sea/weather conditions most of the days during a week. From April to October we run day trips almost in daily basis. Get in touch with us with your location, if you have transport, your experience with sea kayaks and the dates that you can join us. I will then check the forecast & other bookings and email you 2 days prior to the trip with the meeting point.
We are travelling to offer day trips all over Crete with starting point a little bit away from Heraklion city. If your hotel is on the way from our premises to the meeting point then we are happy to offer transport. If not, is not possible as on most cases, especially in Chania region, we need to drive more, like 2-3 hours, just to pick you up and take you back. In any case if you are not sure just contact us.
Day trips start around 10 am during the summer and some times earlier during the winter months. Usually day trips finish between 3-5 pm. If there is a booking just for a family or a couple and not other participants are join, then it is more flexible as we can finish earlier if you wish. During the winter months (November to March) day trips are finishing around 2-3 pm.
The introduction can be from 5 minutes to 15-20 if participants want to learn more. It is not required to capsize (rolling over in the water) but you do need to know to swim. The introduction includes simple things like how to get in and out of the kayak properly, how to paddle forward, how to turn the kayak and how to stop the kayak plus a few things about safety and the equipment.
We require 20% of the total amount to confirm booking. You need to fill the booking form located on each trip and then we will send you an invoice where you can pay it via your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) direct on bank's secure server.
Crete is probably the windiest island in Medeterenean due to its structure (high mountains and many gorges) and location. Especially during July & August where a strong wind called Meltemi blows the chances of cancelling a trip or doing trips only on specific spots is very likely to happen. When you book for a day trip try to give us at least two dates (ideally 4) that you can join and the region that you want. Then depending the weather condition we select the best possible spot.
We don't offer half day trips unless you book for a private trip. Cost is the same however like normal day trips.
No, price does not include anything apart from full kayak equipment (the best and most up to date equipment from every company in Greece and one of the best in Europe if not the best). We can provide you with a dry bag where you can put your food for the day. On most day trips we will be able to have a lunch in a taverna. If that is not the case we will let you know prior the starting of the trip in order to pack your lunch.
Almost in every trip that we offer we have a brief description of the area that we are going to paddle. Depending the weather this might change and this is why we don't include a lot of details of each day trip. When we've sent you the starting point you can see a map of Crete where it is and then depending the conditions we might go east or west if it is located in the north or south part of Crete. If it is located in the west or east Crete we will go either north or south.
Day trips are from 12 to 25km. A paddler with no experience usually needs 3 hours paddling (without stops) to cover the distance of 12km. Of course this has to do with weather conditions and the ability of each person to keep the kayak in a straight line (this might sound easy but is not when have no experience). On our web site we state under each trip its distance. Depending the weather we might offer some trips that are not available on our web site. In that case you can refer to the above answer.
If you do day-trips, then you only need to bring more or less whatever you take when you go to a beach plus neopren shoes or sandals like those from Teva. More specifically: Swim suit Sun hat Sun screen Sun glasses Towel Water (at least 1.5lt) Sandals or neoprene shoes (we can provide these too if you don't have) Dry clothes to change when we finish paddling Any medication needed for special personal medical condition.
Anyone with at least moderate fitness can participate in some of the trips. There are some trips that is most of the times windy and you wont be able to join in a group if you don't have previous experience. For the suitable trips, once on the beach you will be given a full safety briefing and basic introduction to paddling technique. On the water we paddle as a group. You will learn to paddle by the best way possible and coaching tips will be provided, as required. We will be kayaking for no more than one hour, at a relaxed pace before the first stop.
The closer to Chania city trip is Almyrida which is about 20 minutes driving. Further south is Sfakia which is about an hour and 15 minutes driving. We don't offer other trips in Chania region unless there is a large group (5 or more) due to driving distance. To get in west Chania region we need about 3.5 hours driving (one way).
If you booked for a day trip we will contact you 2 days before the trip to let you know the meeting point as that might change due to bad weather.
2 Days prior the trip we will confirm by email about the trip. If weather is bad on the trip you choosed we will try to paddle in a trip not very far from that spot. In case that is too windy and we need to cancel the trip a full refund will be given.
That depends on the bookings. The maximum we take is up to 10. Usually groups are 4 to 6 paddlers.
Communication needs to be done via email please as it helps sorting out gear/bookings to avoid doing mistakes. There is Wi-Fi access almost in every coffee shop, restaurant and hotel plus on many areas in big cities and is very unlikely that you wont find Internet access to email us.
Ideally needs to be in Heraklion city. If you book for Rethimno or Chania region most likely I wont be able to offer transport as none of my trips are near the cities and this involves from one up to three hours extra driving to offer transport. Most of the participants that want to explore the island either rent a car or stay in Heraklio and join us in day trips.
We are travelling from Heraklion (eastern from Chania) and pick up is not possible as that requires in some cases even up to 3 hours extra driving. The closest trip to Chania town where you can easy go by bus is the Kalyves trip. Bus takes about 25-30 minutes to get there from Chania. An hour and a half is the Sfakia trip in south Chania and about the same the Bali trip. The Bali trip is less tiring to access by bus or by car.
Either with 3 double kayaks and a single (the most stable) or 4 doubles and our guide will join in one double kayak.
Making photographs from a sea kayak can be a bit complicated, so before spending thousands of euros on equipment only to find it flooded with seawater, it’s worth taking a moment to figure out what your goals are. Do you simply want souvenirs from your trip or the ability to capture stunning nature pictures? Your choice will dictate the type of camera you will carry and the level of protection it needs. If your camera is not waterproof and you carry it with you on your life jacket then most likely it will die at the end of the trip as each paddling stroke throws a few drops to your body. The best will be to carry a non waterproof camera in a dry bag (those are provided for free from Enjoy-Crete) but that of course will limit your options to take photos during a trip.
The more the better as if we have planned different trips during the dates you are interested in we wont be able to offer a trip at all to you.