We can provide all the equipment for camping apart from sleeping bag for an extra cost, see the relevant pages on each expedition for price list and other details.
May, June, September and October used to be the best months for paddling in terms of calm sea. If you want to plan an early multi day trip then April and May are good choices. If you have no problem paddling in winter then March is a superb month. The scenery is outstanding as most of the mountains are covered by snow. Temperature at the sea level is from 8-18oC while water at 15oC. March is usually a calm month in terms of sea conditions.
All meals will be prepared by the participants but our staff often offer to help because they enjoy outdoor cookery. Depending the trip we might been able to eat in small tavernas at least once every day. We split in groups and we do our own shopping and look after ourselves for breakfast lunch and snacks, then take it in turns to cook for your group of 2 or 3.
We will ask for a copy of your travel itinerary prior to your departure. We will meet the morning of the first day of the trip at the Heraklion Airport or we will pick you up from your hotel if possible otherwise we will meet in a central location in Heraklion. If it happens to collect you from the airport it is good to know that is a quick taxi or bus ride from both central Heraklion hotels and from the ferry port. Exact meeting time will be determined depending the participants. We have found over the years that the schedules vary somewhat year to year. The airport is quite small and you can miss me. For some expeditions (those that are less then 4 days) transfer is not possible and you will need to meet us in the starting point which most of the times is easy accessible by bus or taxi.
Ideally try to have all your stuff for the trip inside multiple and small dry bags and those inside a suitcase or any other rucksack. It is important to have your stuff in either rucksack or suitcase as usually we have very limited space inside the car and need to carry all passengers stuff in the roof rack with straps. The driver can store afterwards your suitcase or rucksack in our warehouse and bring it back to you once the trip finish. Of course if you are staying in a hotel prior and after the trip you can ask them to store your stuff there if you prefer.
We are a NDK centre thus having a wide range of Nigel Dennis kayaks plus boats from Valley, North Shore, P&H.
Since 2021 we designed and build a superb sea kayak called Nireas. It is a composite kayak and available in 3 sizes, LV, MV and HV. We got plenty of them for our trips. They perform amazing in rough water, they are very stable and they weather cock minimal. More details at the official page of 3kymia (our sub company) at https://3kymia.gr/en/index.php
Of course we do. NDK Romany Excel, NDK Explorer HV and Nireas HV (3kymia.gr)
If you don't have and you are already in Crete, no worries, you can get quickly one even from your mobile, check out this link for more details.
We got life jackets (PFDs) from NRS, Nookie and Kokkatat. Those from Nookie can get a hydration pack (1lt) as well.
Spray skirts are available in neoprene & naylon; on expeditions neoprene is highly recommended.
Tow lines, paddle floats etc are most of them from NRS and LevelSix.
Regarding paddles, we got a wide range of carbon paddles from Select plus glass/nylon from Werner and Celtic.
There are also Greenland paddles available; both carbon and wooden.