Ilingas Beach, Enjoy-Crete kayaking base

Our base in Ilingas beach

Since summer 2019 we are operating a base in the south west of the island at Ilingas beach, next to Chora Sfakion village in the magnificent coast of Sfakia region.

For those that are not familiar with the area, it is simply an outstanding part of the island for sea kayaking. On the aerial photo below you can see where we are based, just 10 meters from the water!
The only building in the area (the white one) is a family owned taverna & hotel with excellent local food and a sea view. There is plenty of parking just below the Ilingas hotel and also an option for drinks (with or without alcohol) on the beach.
For those that are travelling with their family/kids and they want to spend a day kayaking just themselves, they can bring them along and just hang out on the beach. The beach has all the facilities; umbrellas, shower, drinks, food in the taverna (local restaurant) and the magnificent turquoise water of south Crete.

Sfakia, Ilingas beach

We are running trips in the area only upon request most of the days of the week from May to October. It is also possible during the winter months; just get in touch with us.

Accessible only by kayak from Sfakia/Ilingas is Loutro, a small seaside village with some archaeological ruins, a few houses, small hotels and tavernas. Loutro is car-free; cars must be parked in Chora Sfakíon or next to our base in Ilingas hotel. Paddling further from Loutro we can reach Marmara beach and Agia Roumeli; this is where the popular Samaria gorge ends.

To make the long story short this is not a paddling trip to be missed!