Kayak Expedition Dates

Our kayaking equipment

Our kayaking equipment is the best in Greece and one of the best in the whole Europe. We’ve got many kayaks available for trips and rental, both composite and plastics. Our current fleet comprises 49 singles and 10 doubles (tandem).

No matter if you are a novice or an advanced paddler, they offer great stability, fantastic maneuverability and can move quite fast as well.
We are a Nigel Dennis Expedition Centre thus having many NDK kayaks along with lots from Valley, Northshore, P&H, Venture, Zegul and Tahe Marine. The famous NDK Explorer, the Valley Etain, the North Shore Atlantic and the P&H Cetus are all here!
Our tandem (double) kayaks are all from Dag and a few from Tahe Marine fitted with rudder and with enough storage for multi day trips. Pairs with mixed skill levels can enjoy this high quality touring tandem due to its hull design that allows easy manoeuvrability and amazing stability.
The rudder is very big and offers great control in winds. It is also very easy to paddle without the rudder too.
Regarding paddles, we got Werner, VE and Celtic paddles, various blade sizes and shafts. Most of our shafts can be extended up to 10 cm. We’ve got a mixture of plastic, glass and carbon paddles. From Werner we mainly use the Shuna, that is one of the best paddles for sea kayaking expeditions.
Buoyancy aids are from NRS, Nookie and Kokatat.
We’ve also got lots of jackets, neoprene shoes, dry bags and other useful stuff for paddling.

Of course we got sizes for all, Low Volume, Medium Volume and plenty of High Volume sea kayaks.

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