We offer a full kayak hire and outfitting service including all camping and kayak equipment. You can turn up with an airport, carry on bag and we can supply everything else you need. Be sure you read this post about rental and then come back on this page for the rest of the details.

Tandem DAG biwok with rudder (Length: 530 cm (16’1”), Width: 67 cm (22”), Cockpit Depth: 328 cm (15’’) )
P&H Scorpio MV (Length: 525 cm (17’3”), Width: 58 cm (22.8”), Cockpit Depth: 32 cm (12.5’’) )
Valley Etain 17-5 (Length: 531 cm (17’5”), Width: 54 cm (20.25”), Cockpit Depth: 32.5 cm (12.75’’))
Valley Etain 17-7 (Length: 536 cm (17’7”), Width: 54.5 cm (21.5”), Cockpit Depth: 33.5 cm (13.25’’))
North Shore Atlantic (Length: 515 cm (16’11”), Width: 55 cm (22”), Cockpit Depth: 33 cm (13’’))
North Shore Atlantic LV (Length: 505 cm (15’11”), Width: 55 cm (20 1/2”), Cockpit Depth: 31 cm (12.5’’))
Composite kayaks are available from our sister company 3kymia. They perform superb in rough conditions and can carry a lot of gear for multi day trips.
Those are coming in 3 versions; LV, MV and HV. You can check more at 3kymia's web site
Spare paddle (one every 6 paddlers)
Spraydeck (nylon and neoprene)
Buoyancy Aid
Sponge (one every 6 paddlers)
Pump and if you prefer a paddle float too (one every 6 paddlers)
Celtic 650 and 700 blades with 214-224 (adjustable) carbon shaft, nylon-glass blades with 0-90 feather.
NRS Vapor, Nookie Explorer/Traveller and a few Kokatat.
High quality nylon from Cove and a few neoprene from Nookie. There is limited availability on neoprene skirts for rental.
It is not allowed to paddle more than 500 meters from the shore. If you do and the coast guard stop you they will seizure the equipment. Be aware this and stay always close to the shore. Also it is not allowed to paddle at all inside marinas or shipping lanes.
Strong winds can come up suddenly in the Libyan sea as well in the north part of Crete and blow hard for days. Popular paddling routes have in some parts katabatic winds (they can easily reach more than 100 km/hour). There is no published information on currents or other hazard areas for kayakers and there is no organised rescue service.
At the time of booking a 20% non refundable administration fee will be required to confirm the reservation. You can pay by either credit card or cash. Once we confirm by email the dates you require the equipment we will send you an email with a link to make the payment secure direct to the bank's server. Before any payment you need to contact us with the dates that you want the boats, how many, if you do need delivery and collection along with each paddler height and weight.



If you wish to hire a sea kayak then you need to have at least British Canoeing 4* certification (Sea Kayak Leader with the latest name change on the British Canoing scheme). If you don't hold the above certification then you should join a guided trip. If you believe your experience is at 4* level or above please send us a detailed email about your experience (about paddling in winds & waves - distances) and we can let you know afterwards if you qualify.

We do not hire out sea kayaks to complete beginners or inexperienced paddlers unless paddling with someone competent (at least 4* paddler) who is taking responsibility for their safety. You must assure us of your personal competence and inform us where you intend using the kayak.

Hirers are fully responsible for the kayak and equipment throughout the hire period and must ensure that they are personally insured for any injuries. Any loss or damage to any of our equipment must be paid for in full at the end of hire period.


Low season is from November to May while high season from June to October.
Prices do not include 24% VAT.

Low Season

1 day rental 40€
2 days rental 70€
3 days rental 110€
4 days rental 130€
5 days rental 150€
6 days rental 180€
7 days rental 200€
10 days rental 250€

High Season

1 day rental 40€
2 days rental 75€
3 days rental 115€
4 days rental 140€
5 days rental 170€
6 days rental 200€
7 days rental 220€
10 days rental 260€


1 day rental 50€
2 days rental 100€
3 days rental 150€
4 days rental 200€
5 days rental 250€
6 days rental 300€
7 days rental 350€
OFFER 10 days rental 400€


Stove 30€

A full Trangia stove (suitable for 3) with 1 gas canister (enough for about 4 days x 3 persons). Extra canisters can be supplied for 5€ each (the large one).

Dry bags 3€

Cost is per dry bag with no limit on rental days. We've got 2, 6, 7, 10 and 20lt dry bags. The majority are 10lt.

Sleeping mat 10€

Price is fixed no matter the days.

Tow line 10€

Price is fixed no matter the days.

Tent 50€

The price is for any day up to 10 days. For more days add 3€ extra per day. All tents are waterproof 3 and 4 seasons from Ferrino and The North Face.

Sea kayak trolley 15€

No limit on rental days.

Self-inflating roof rack 30€

To carry up to two kayaks in case you have a rental car.


Bare in mind that in many places (west & eastern Crete) it requires almost 8 hours driving to get there and come back from our premises. Delivery and pickup from our base in Ilingas beach (next to Chora Sfakion) is for free assuming there are available boats for your body type during your rental period.

West Crete 200-250€

The cost cover either delivery or collection from Palaiochora, Sougia, Kissamos, Kolymvari, Chora Sfakion or Chania city in West Crete (Chania region). If you require to deliver & pick up the boats from any of the above locations then the cost is 2*200=400€. Delivery to other locations like Elafonisi or Falasarna is an extra 50€.

Rethymno Region 180€

The cost cover either delivery or collection from anywhere in Rethymno region. Total 300€ for both delivery & collection.

Central Crete (Heraklion) Starts from 20-120€

Close to the city (in a distance of 30km from our premises) the cost for delivery is 20 euros and another 20 for collection. For greater distances the cost is 60 euros for the north part and 120 euros for the south.

Eastern Crete Starts from 80-200€

The cost for delivery & collection assuming you are in the north part of Lasithi up to Istron bay is at 80€ each, 160€ total. For the eastern part of Lasithi (including Siteia city) and south Lasithi the cost is 200 euros.