E-Bike Rental

We have a limited amount of e-bikes so please be sure to book early. To book please contact us and include all the following in your email:

  1. Each participant height & weight
  2. The exact location for delivery and pickup
  3. The starting date and time plus roughly the time that you want us to collect the bikes.

The terrain in Crete is very steep and you will need to be very fit if you are planning a long route. You can solve this by renting one of our e-bikes.

Detailed self guided services for ebike trips with or without accomondation are offered through our sub company etmb-crete.gr. Please get in touch direct via that web site as it holds up to date information.

e-bike rental

Cycling Crete

We got e-bikes MTB (mountain bike) with the new Bosch system & 500w battery. Click here to download the manual and operating instructions for the Bosch system in case you are not familiar. It is however very simple, just 4 speed scales and two more buttons that can show various settings in the monitor (distance, speed etc).

Our e-bikes are all from the German company Cube, a highly respected cycling company in Europe with excellent quality.

Our e-bikes

Crete has very steep terrain and with the e-bikes you will enjoy more the landscape and cover much faster distances.
E-Bikes Rental Crete

All ebikes come with SPD pedals compatible with Shimano system. You can use them however without SPD shoes in case that you don't have as the one side of the pedal is flat, suitable for any kind of sport shoe.

Price List

e-Bikes 35€/day

Cube 29" MTB Hybrid with the Bosch system and the largest 500w battery. Suitable for up to 40-65km with just one charge.

West Crete Delivery & Collection 200€

The cost is regarding Chania region, that means west Crete. The cost is 100€ per delivery and another 100€ to collect the bikes. Of course you are welcome to get the bikes from our warehouse without paying extra.

Central Crete Delivery & Collection 160€

The cost is regarding Rethymno region, that means more or less central Crete. The cost is 80€ per delivery and another 80€ to collect the bikes. Of course you are welcome to get the bikes from our warehouse without paying extra.

Heraklion Region Delivery & Collection 80€

The cost is regarding Heraklion region only the north part. The cost is 40€ per delivery and another 40€ to collect the bikes. Of course, you are welcome to get the bikes from our warehouse without paying extra. For delivery and pick up in the south part of Heraklio region you will need to add an extra 50€ (total 150€).

Eastern Crete Delivery & Collection 160€

The cost is 80€ each way only for delivery to the north of eastern Crete and no further than Pachia Ammos village. That cost cover the villages/towns of Elounda, Plaka, Agios Nikolaos and Ammoudara to name a few. For delivery to the further north or east or south add 50€ to the above price (total 210€).

Pickup Location

Just type in Google Maps "Enjoy-Crete" and will point you exactly where our warehouse is to pick up the bikes. You can also use the map on the right on this page to navigate or click direct Our Warehouse.
You will need to contact us before the rental day in order to arrange for someone to open the warehouse as we do not have staff all day there.