ebike rental Crete

The fascination of mountain biking

Uphill flow changes your mindset and how you cycle with an ebike (electric bike). Suddenly, you can contemplate routes that you simply couldn’t ride with a normal bike, says Stefan Schlie. This is so true in the rocky steep paths in Crete!

The first time I’ve tried an e-bike I was so impressed which I bought a few days afterwards my first one. Crete has 48 summits above 2000 meters (6000 ft) with very steep roads. People that want to enjoy the landscape need to be at a very high cycling standard as elevation of 1500 meters  in just a few kilometers is very common in a day ride! That puts lots of people away from cycling in Crete. Add the high temperatures during the summer and you no wonder why all people laying on a beach under an umbrella or doing some sea kayak instead 🙂

Ebikes Crete
Late March, south Crete.

Our Crete rental ebikes from Cube push the sport into a new level. Covering a distance of 43km (20 of them off road) in about 2 hours with an elevation of 1000 meters is common for the majority of the people that join our tours or rent an electric bicycle. That makes ideal to see the wonderful landscape of Crete with an environmental friendly vehicle.

A great source for planning your cycling trip in Crete is a web site called bikeroll. It use Google maps to create and outline a route and is simple enough to export the file to your GPS (in .gpx format) or to Google earth for further planning.

Electric Mountain Bikes
Keffali summit, Crete

Bare in mind that you need to double check the proposed route as I found with the hard way that many paths don’t exist and you need to carry the bike to reach the next off road track. Sometimes is possible and sometimes not due to the rocky terrain.
Always export the route and have a detailed look using Google maps (satellite view) that the path/road actually exist….

Happy cycling.