By Stelios

Sfakia – Loutro

OVERVIEW OF THE TRIP There will be a short introduction to paddling for those that have no experience and afterwards we will start paddling towards Loutro. On our way we will make stops for both; swimming and snorkelling. All stops will be on different beaches. There are sea caves and wonderful beaches for swimming and …

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Samaria National Park
By Stelios

Samaria National Park

EXPERIENCE NEEDED Beginner The whole trip is about 40-50km. This equates to about 25km/day in 2 days. For Samaria trip you need to be fit enough to paddle 20-25km per day. Paddlers without previous experience are welcome to join but they will enjoy it much more if they do an introduction course at least a …

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Guided Rock Climbing Multi Day trip
By Stelios

3-day rock climbing trip

Crete is the place you must visit if you are willing to spend an adventurous rock climbing vacation along with the great hospitality of the Cretans and the amazing local cuisine. The 3 days climbing trip takes place in various climbing areas. Depending on your flight the trip can be arranged either in the Chania …

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Kayaking Greece
By Stelios


OVERVIEW OF THE TRIP When we meet in Bali there will be a short introduction to kayaking which includes a brief description of paddling strokes and the basics about safety. We will then adjust our paddles,kayaks and buoyancy aids and get ready for the kayaking trip. The options that we got are either to paddle …

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South Crete Expedition
By Stelios

Kayak South Crete

EXPERIENCE NEEDED INTERMEDIATE The whole expedition is about 135km. Due to driving distance the 1st day we wont be able to paddle more than 10k and same for the last day. That give us roughly 20km per day excluding those 2 days. Bad weather days will make it necessary to increase the daily kilometres up …

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Crete Kayak Multi Day Trip
By Stelios

Kayak South West

EXPERIENCE NEEDED LIMITED The whole trip is about 80km. This equates to about 20km/day in 4 days. You need to have some previous experience in sea kayaks and especially to be able to track the kayak in a straight line. Participants without any experience are recommended to join a 2 days sea kayaking course (extra …

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