Kayak Sporades

Sporades Island hopping at its best! The Sporades is a group of Greek islands in the northwest Aegean sea. The longest crossing on the trip is more or less 12 km; you don’t need to have experience in open crossings but you do need to be able to paddle 2-3 hours without landing. Paddlers with skills close to 3* are more than welcome to join. Depending on the group experience, we will visit various islands including Skiathos, Skopelos and if there is enough time Alonissos with its sea marine park (the 1st in Greece).
Plenty of options for hiking as well, swimming and snorkelling along the way while we will camp on some of the finest beaches along the way.
On our way back to Athens and assuming that there is enough time it is well worth to spend time exploring Pilion. The villages of Pelion, each with its own character have an incredible architecture with amazing view to the Aegean.
To book for the trip please contact us with your availability in terms of dates. We are running the trip all year long; need a minimum of 3 while the maximum group is up to 6.

Duration: 6 Days
Level: Intermediate
Location: North Greece
Transport included
Small groups
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The Sporades kayaking expedition is self catering. Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal in turn.
We will buy 2 days worth of food and water at the beginning as there we will be able to restock during the route. Our guide will give you a detailed briefing and sort out if there is any issue. If you prefer to overnight in small apartments/hotels instead of camping might be possible with a few changes in the schedule; just let us know the earliest possible and we will work out something.

You need to flight in Athens to join this trip. You can also leave your luggage in a secure place with us and take them back once we return from the kayaking trip. The temperature during the summer months in the Sporades is much cooler than the rest of the islands in Aegean thus offering a great destination for those coming from northern hemisphere and want to avoid the extreme temperatures which occasionally the rest of the Greek islands have.

Sea kayaking Greece
Amazing views everywhere!

Photos from the trip