Flat Earth Sail

Valley Etain Flat Earth sail

During the last visit of my very good friend Barry from the UK we had the chance to fit a Flat Earth sail into the latest Valley Etain 17-7 sea kayak. We had an excitement paddle/test afterwards in winds up to force 5 (gusting 6).

I’m not going to mention anything about the quality of the sail, it is simple outstanding. You can order one direct from us or from P&H who is the main supplier in Europe along with Karitek if I’m not wrong.

Be sure once you start that you can somehow put the kayak in a position where you can put your head inside the cockpit and perform the glass clothing patches.

Valley Etain
Getting ready to start!

Afterwards mark the area that you want to drill and move on!

fitting sail
One step before the….
valley etain sail fit

Measure properly the glass cloth that you are going to add afterwards and be ready for the resin mess!

glass cloth kayak repair
Preparing the cloth

Apply the resin with the glass cloth as seen above and in a while you will have a result like the following:

The result after an hour

Use a sand paper to remove any sharp clothing, if any.

The result near the bow should be like the photo below.

Valley Sailing

The Flat earth sail comes with pretty good instructions. Be sure you will mark correctly the boat before start drilling…

In our flickr gallery you can see in details the whole procedure if something is not clear enough in this post. There is also another gallery which demonstrate the same sail fitted in a P&H Cetus MV.