Things You Need to Know About E-Bikes

For over a century, riding a bicycle has been a purely mechanical matter. With the advent of the eBike, the bicycle market has been completely redefined. It now serves as a precursor for the development of electric mobility and its acceptance by society. The eBike is today the most successful electrically powered vehicle in Greece and also in Europe.

Pedelecs used to be thought of as something only for “the older generation,” but this view has long since changed. Today, they’re used in a multitude of ways and by all sorts of people. Current trends range from using them as convenient everyday bicycles to practical eCargo bikes to sporty mountain bikes. More and more people are opting for a contemporary means of transportation that’s both fun and healthy.

An e-bike is similar to a flat-bar hybrid bike, but with one very important difference. E-bikes are supported by a battery, which makes pedalling easier and steep climbs in Crete much more manageable.

On our e-bikes the battery pack sits in the middle of the bike, where the water bottle would usually go on a regular bike.

It’s important to note that an e-bike is still a bicycle, and the battery does not replace pedalling, but it does assist your riding, which will allow you to go a little faster than you otherwise could.

The biggest differences between e-bikes and regular bikes are that e-bikes are faster and heavier. It is nearly impossible to catch up an e-bike on a steep terrain with a normal bicycle.

Our E-bikes have between four different riding modes (eco, tour, sport and turbo), which you can select from a control panel on the handle bars. The higher the mode, the more support the bike will give, and the faster you can go.
We recommend that riders start in the lowest mode, ECO mode, in order to get used to having an electric assist. Once you’re comfortable in ECO mode, you can work your way up as you see fit. Our guides will give you a chance to ride the bike on a quiet street, so you can get used to it before heading out on the road.

The control panel will also display how much battery power your bike has, but you won’t have to worry about that. Our guides will make sure your bike has enough juice to carry you through the day. They’re also happy to fill your water bottle, to make sure your body has enough juice to carry through the day. On long trips or multi day cycling trips in Crete we use some local shops to re-charge the battery while enjoying a swimming or a hike or even a coffee :)