Sea Kayaking courses

Level 1 Sea Kayak Course

The aim of the course is to provide you with the necessary skills to paddle any sea kayak with safety. The course is suitable for people without any paddling experience or with limited experience seeking a proper way to learn and improve their skills. During the course you will have the chance to do a nice journey while practicing along the way. The aim of the course is to learn the basics properly as poor paddling skills can lead to serious injuries.

Eskimo Roll Course

All rolling sessions take place a few km outside of Heraklion city and or via our base in south Chania at Ilingas beach during May-September.
Water temperature is at its lowest around 15oC during the winter and up to 27oC during the summer.

Level 2 Sea Kayaking Course

Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate has the personal skill level to paddle single or multi-day journeys in a moderate water environment with winds not exceeding Beaufort Force 5.