Level 1 Sea Kayak Course
Updated: 27 April, 2023 By: Stelios

Level 1 Sea Kayak Course

The aim of the course is to provide you with the necessary skills to paddle any sea kayak with safety. The course is suitable for people without any paddling experience or with limited experience seeking a proper way to learn and improve their skills. During the course you will have the chance to do a nice journey while practicing along the way. The aim of the course is to learn the basics properly as poor paddling skills can lead to serious injuries.

During the course you will learn all the following:

  1. How we carry the kayak 
  2. How we properly put the kayak to the roof rack 
  3. Forward paddling
  4. Moving sideways
  5. Moving sideways and keeping speed
  6. What we need to be aware to paddle in a straight line
  7. How we stop the kayak
  8. Proper fitting and posture
  9. How to launch and land to the shore
  10. Kayak parts & equipment
  11. Deep water re-entry
  12. Wet exit
  13. How to avoid cap size (low brace) 
  14. How to trim the kayak with skeg
  15. Turning (included 360 degrees turning)
  16. Stern rudder
  17. Edging
  18. Leaning
  19. Basic navigation (nautical charts, compass)

Details for the course

Duration of the course: The course take place 3 days, starting around 10 am and finish about 4 pm. During the winter there is great flexibility, just let us know which dates are suitable for you and we will discuss with other participants to make a plan.

Requirements: You need to be at least 16 years old and now to swim. To run a course we need at least 3 participants. Maximum 6 participants per group.

What do I need to carry with me during the course? During the summer only your swimming suit and ideally a light neopren shoe (not required but is wise to have with you). During the winter due to water been cold you need clothes to change after we finish the course. We will provide a neoprene suit suitable for sea kayak (those are different than canyoning and diving) plus jacket if it is windy. We've got a few shoes in different sizes but there is a chance not to have your size and is wise to have your own. A light neoprene shoe (cost around 20 euros in diving shops) or sandal like Teva are fine.

Transfer: We provide free transfer only from Heraklion city and or in Amoudara area. You are welcome to overnight in any other area but you will need to meet us to a specific spot. The exact meeting point can be seen by following this link.

Location of the course: Depending the weather the course will start from the small marina of Pantanassa or Ligaria bay. The most likely scenario will be to take place in Ligaria bay. The bay is located about 20 minutes from Heraklion. If there are 6 participants the course can take place anywhere in Crete, like Chania, Rethymno etc. You Just have to get in touch with us to arrange this. During summer months the course takes place from our base in Ilingas beach (Click for exact location) at south Chania. In that case flying to Chania airport is highly recommended instead of Heraklion.

Price: The cost of the course is €250 per person. Payment with cash upon meeting on the first day. In case that there is an issue and you cannot complete the course, no refund is given. You can however complete the rest of the course wherever we run the course again. If it is a private course this can be arranged on any date. You can pay also with your credit card if you prefer at least two days prior the starting date of the course.

Booking: To confirm booking send us an email with your age, height, weight and If you have any health issues that I need to know. Details about your experience (the more the better) and If you need transfer don't forget to send us a Google map link of your hotel location.