Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

You are physically fit for the course you have chosen. If you are unable to carry on during a course and cancel or leave, for reasons of fitness, minor injury or any other personal choice where we are not responsible, this falls under our cancellation policy (see below).
 Participants must accept that within the outdoor environment there are inherent risks present which we are unable to control. By taking part in any outdoor activity you must accept a certain level of personal responsibility for your actions, and awareness of the environment & others around you.

Confirmation Details

To confirm booking a 20% non refundable administration fee will be required to confirm the reservation. You can pay direct to our bank’s secure server with your credit card. After submission of the booking form and within the next 24-48 hours an email will be sent with a link to pay the 20% of the amount as mentioned above. Your booking will be confirmed as soon as you make the payment.

 If you are booking for a daily event you will need to pay the whole amount in advance at least two days prior the trip as we need to have the funds cleared by then or by cash when we meet or balance is payable on morning of departure in cash.

For sea kayak day trips the final confirmation by email for the trip will be done two days prior the trip as only by then the weather forecast is accurate. All clients must reconfirm 2 days prior to departure date, either by phone +30.6946140777 or by email. We are on What’s up & Viber on the same phone so feel free to contact us via them for free if you prefer between 8 to 10 pm GMT +2. 

Ideally we need a confirmation by email. Please let us know where you intend staying the night before departure. This is particularly important if transport is required or if weather dictates that we amend the tour departure.


Invariably travel plans may change, or group numbers change due to illness or people have changed their minds. We respect these facts but we ask that you appreciate we may have declined many peoples requests for similar trips due to no availability. At the time of booking a 20% non-refundable administration fee will be required to confirm the reservation. If you cancel for any reason it is not possible to get a refund. 

If Enjoy-crete company decides not to launch a guided tour or freedom rental, due to the adverse wind and sea conditions being unsafe for the trip/ tour to proceed, then we ask that you respect this decision. In this situation we offer a delayed start, weather permitting or a shorter trip option – departing the next day or same day but on a different spot.

For day and multi-day sea kayak trips, we need a minimum of 4 participants to run a trip. In case of not reaching this number, we will try to offer an alternative kayak trip if possible or a full refund will be given.

For kayak rentals, you need to check on delivery of all equipment carefully. If you bring back broken paddles, seats or any other equipment you will need to pay the whole amount of the equipment (paddle, seat etc) including the shipping cost to Crete.

For multi-day sea kayak trips if the minimum participants are not met we will try to offer day trips instead. If it is a very last minute cancellation (less than a week before the starting date) from anyone of the group and the requirement of the 4 participants is not met we will try to help you with accommodation and offer day trips instead at a reduced cost or the same multi day trip at a higher rate to cover the extra participants. If your schedule does not allow for any of the above options, then a full refund is offered. Once a rental period or a guided trip has begun, there will be no refunds for days lost due to weather conditions or clients returning earlier than the agreed rental period.

This is the case when you also rent rock climbing equipment. Bear in mind that specific for climbing equipment we have limited stock thus you need to get in touch the earliest possible to arrange this. Pick up from our premises is possible but need to be coordinate as we don’t have an office, just a warehouse. During the summer I’m most of the times out of office guiding trips which means can’t be arranged any time you prefer, it needs to fit our schedule. Usually early in the morning or late evening is suitable.