P&H Kayaks with Flat Earth Sail Rental

Enjoy-Crete is the only company as I'm aware in the whole Europe who is offering sea kayak rental from P&H (Scorpio) with the Flat Earth Sail fitted.

There are many reasons to consider rigging your kayak with a sail. Sails can be used to increase your range and speed on expeditions or day trips. They can add a level of safety on ambitious journeys or take the sting out of long crossings. And most of all, kayak sailing is fun – the thrill of flying across the water in a small boat with the wind in your sails can't be matched!

Recently I hit 9 knots with a P&H Cetus MV and a Flat Earth sail 0.8 square meters in force 5 winds! Obviously good skils required.

We have a fleet of P&H Scorpios (the latest version with CoreliteX) with sails fitted plus a Cetus MV.

Price for rental per day is at 50€ and that includes all paddling gear and the kayak of course with the sail.

We have limited availability of this particular setup so be sure you book early. Just contact us with the dates that you are interested in to rent the boat.