3kymia, the new Greek Sea Kayaks
Updated: 13 June, 2021 By: Stelios

3kymia, the new Greek Sea Kayaks

I’m thrilled announcing our new long awaiting project!
The design and construction of the first ever composite sea kayak in Greece. That is Nireas (Nireus)!

Our sub-company 3kymia designed & build the kayak in 3 different versions. Low volume, Medium Volume and High Volume.
It performs outstanding in the windy and rough seas of Crete.

Our clients starting from mid July 2021 will have the opportunity to paddle one in either our day trips or our kayak expeditions.

Specs and other useful details about the Nireus project can be found at the official web site of 3kymia at https://3kymia.gr/en/index.php