Chania, What you need to know about kayaking in the region
Updated: 18 December, 2023 By: Stelios

Chania, What you need to know about kayaking in the region

Sea kayaking in Chania region is divided mainly into 3 sections; the west, the north and the south.
The most exposed in sea conditions is usually the north west while the calmest the south.
The south part been the nicer too. Especially the Sfakia region has a magnificent coast line to paddle with many caves and superb beaches away from the massive tourism.
The less nicer to paddle is the coastline close to the popular city of Chania.

Apart from the old Venetian port is not something interesting to discover with sea kayaks.
On the other hand the south coast or the far north west part (near to Gramvousa island) is a lovely paddle. Having said that is quiet often to have big swell & waves along with strong winds especially during the summer months thus making a safer choice to paddle anywhere in the south part of the island.

Ilingas beach, south Chania

A big part of the south Chania is part of the Samaria national park and the most remote of the island. From Ilingas beach next to the small village of Chora Sfakion and for quiet few nautical miles there are no roads; a kayak paradise day or night!