Kayak Sporades
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Kayak Sporades

Sporades Island hopping at its best! The Sporades is a group of Greek islands in the northwest Aegean sea. The longest crossing on the trip is more or less 12 km; you don’t need to have experience in open crossings but you do need to be able to paddle 2-3 hours without landing.


The whole kayaking expedition is about 130-150km. This equates to about 25km/day in 6 days., however bad weather days will make it necessary to increase the daily kilometres up to 35 or more.

You should have a solid assisted rescue (any).


The trip fee includes all of the paddling equipment. High quality composite kayaks from Nigel Dennis & 3kymia are available. There are also plastic Valley Etains 17-5 & 17-7 for those that prefer them.

The price does not include flights, this must be booked by you. Food is also not covered in the price.


The expedition is self catering. Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal in turn.

Meals in seaside towns, or beach side taverna's, are a possibility but not every day if weather is bad and we have to change the plan. You will be informed on time anyway by our guide about getting or not supplies.
During off season we will need carry supplies for at least 3 days.


You need to flight in Athens to join this trip. Thessaloniki is also an option but then you will have to arrange yourself the transfer to the starting point in Pilio region. This is about 300km and 4 hours driving to get an idea. 
You can also leave your luggage in a secure place with us and take them back once we return from the kayaking trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to leave my suitcase with you?

Yes but ideally try to have all your stuff for the trip inside multiple and small dry bags (max 10-15lt) and those inside a suitcase or any other rucksack.
It is important to have your stuff in either rucksack or suitcase as usually we have limited space inside the car and need to carry all passengers stuff.

When in your opinion is a good time to do the expedition?

This trip is running only per request and with a minimum of 3 persons and not between June to September.
Good months for the trip are April, May, October and November. Expect rain during October and November as the trip takes place quiet north.

Can I rent all camping equipment?

We can provide all the equipment for camping apart from sleeping bag for an extra cost. 

You can get a high quality 3 or 4 season tent for an extra 50€ for the whole duration of the trip and also the mattress.

Stove (complete set from Trangia) and gas canister are an extra 30€ and is suitable for 2-3 persons.

What to bring for the trip?

Full paddling kit apart from paddles, PFD, spray skirt and the rest of the paddling gear.
Clothing etc is required as early and late season can be relatively cold.

You don't need a dry suit.

    What sea conditions should I expect during the trip?

    Having 6 days calm weather is nearly impossible but you never know!

    Expect to paddle up to 1-1.5 meter waves occasionally and in some winds nearly every day at some point.

    How can I pay to book/confirm for the trip?

    Contact us with your experience (detailed) and dates that you can join.

    In case that we have a planned expedition there it will be listed in our "Expedition Dates" page which is located in the home page.