An overview of the trips
Updated: 16 May, 2023 By: Stelios

An overview of the trips

Kayak day trips is the best way to explore a large part of the island. We offer 10 sea kayak day trips plus one sunset (2.5 hours) while on the majority of them we have the option to choose between two different directions/routes based on weather and group experience. Kayaking in Chania (western Crete), Rethimno (Central Crete), Heraklio (Central Crete) or Lasithi (Eastern Crete) region with the best equipment that you can find in Greece and one of the best in Europe.

We do need a minimum of 4 participants to confirm a trip. Individuals are welcome, but the trip will only proceed if a minimum of 4 persons register. This is not the case only for the Sfakia trip. We can run this kayak trip even with 2 persons as we operate a kayak base there and have staff on spot. 

Being just three, two or a single paddler doesn't mean that you can't book. You can still use the relevant booking form and we will update you via email a few days before the trip with a confirmation. In case that the minimum participants are not met we will try to suggest an alternative trip. A private trip is also an option; you will have however to cover the cost of the minimum participants which means 4 * trip price.

Please spend a few minutes reading all the frequently asked questions that can be found on each trip before you email us, as most likely you will find the answers to your questions there. We got an extensive list of questions and answers.

All day trips are at 80 euros per person.

Sea Kayak day trips are planned on a daily basis based on weather conditions and bookings; Just use the booking form on the trip you are interested in to join and we will email you if there aren't enough participants or if an alternative trip is possible.

In the map of Crete above you can see the starting points of our trips. Click on any and will display the name of the starting point with driving directions.

Just a note that the calmest area is in the south west and more specific the Sfakia trip. Crete is a very windy island especially during the summer months so if you are a new paddler or don't have any experience at all try to book for that trip. It is one of the greatest also in terms of landscape.