Kayak eastern Crete

Excitement is guaranteed on this expedition! Strong winds are common on this trip and you need to be very comfortable paddling in at least force 4 winds.
You need to be close to 4* skills (based on British Canoeing) to join this trip. You don’t need to hold any certification, just be sure that your skills are up to that level.
Part of the trip faces strong katabatic winds and need super attention. This is where you can get benefit from our experience, to paddle safely in a wonderful coastline.
We will paddle close to Asterousia mountains (1243 meters the highest summit) and Dikti (2148 meters).
Many remote beaches along the way. The largest part without an option for landing is about 15km.
Paddlers with 4* skills will love the conditions and will be a great test towards the 5* for those that are interested in. A few camping spots during our trip have little to none light pollution and is great for those that are interested in night photography. If that is the case don’t forget to bring a tripod!

Duration: 6 Days
Level: Advanced
Transport included
Small groups
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The expedition is self catering. Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal in turn.
We will buy 2 days worth of food and water at the beginning as there we will be able to restock during the route as long as the trip is between May and September. Outside of these months we will need to carry food for more days.

Our guide will give you a detailed briefing and sort out if there is any issue.
Meals in seaside towns, or beach side taverna's, are possible during the trip most of the days.  Usually we prepare our own breakfast & dinner and have lunch in a taverna.


We will meet near the city of Heraklion between 8-9 am. You should arrive in Heraklion the day before. 
On the last day of the trip we will return back to Heraklion by our car and will be glad to drop you in the airport if your flight is on same date.

Your flight needs to be late enough as we need about 2.5 hours to get there from the place that will finish our sea kayak trip.
An alternative airport if you do find a much cheaper flight is the one in Chania but bare in mind that you will need to meet us in Heraklion city afterwards (2 hours & 45 minutes by bus).



Ideally try to have all your stuff for the trip inside multiple and small dry bags and those inside a suitcase or any other rucksack. It is important to have your stuff in either rucksack or suitcase as usually we have very limited space inside the car and need to carry all passengers stuff in the roof rack with straps. The driver can store afterwards your suitcase or rucksack in our warehouse and bring it back to you once the trip finish. Of course if you are staying in a hotel prior and after the trip you can ask them to store your stuff there if you prefer.
During the winter months the ground temperature varies from 8oC to 20oC while the water at 15oC. Dry suit is not required as most likely you will be too warm when is sunny. During summer months ground temperature might go up to 42oC on a very warm day and sea temperature at 27oC (during September).
We can provide all the equipment for camping apart from sleeping bag for an extra cost. You can get a high quality 3 or 4 season tent for an extra 30€ for the whole duration of the trip and also the mattress. Stove (complete set from Trangia) and gas canister are an extra 30€ and is suitable for 2-3 persons.
Please fill the booking form located on the top of the page as it has extra information that we need. Once you fill the booking form we will let you know within 1-2 days about the availability and will send you a link where you can pay the 20% of the total price to confirm booking. You can pay us the rest of the money either in cash or with your credit card two days before the starting date as we need to have the funds cleared before the trip.
If you do a multi day trip with us, then it is wise to have with you all from the following list:
Swim suit
Sun hat
Sun screen
Sun glasses
Sandals or wet shoes (neoprene) along with an extra normal shoe for hiking.
Light clothes as well as some warmer ones (ie. fleece) depending the season. June to early September you don't need a jacket.
A rain jacket. Some times it doesn't rain for months but it is good to have just in case. During April and October the chances for rain are bigger as compared to May,June, July and August. Of course during the winter months it is rain, not often but when it rains it rains a lot!
Head torch
Sleeping bag
Mosquito repellent
Any medication needed for special personal medical condition.

Photos from the trip