How to choose a day trip
Updated: 16 August, 2022 By: Admin

How to choose a day trip

Which kayak day trip to select? To answer better this question you need to know roughly where your hotel is in Crete in terms of the map. The easier way to determine this if you are not already in Crete, is to type in Google Maps your hotel name. Then zoom out until you see the whole island and you will get an idea about your location.

This is very important as to drive from one side to the island to the other you will need 6-7 hours one way. If you haven’t book your accommodation and you do need transport you need to stay in Heraklion as we pick up only from there. 

Next step is to visit, if you haven’t already done, our listing with the sea kayaking day trips in this link. On top of this page there is a map with marks listing all our starting points of our trips. Click on the one is closest to you and use the booking form/link (a big button) that is on that page to book for the trip. We do need you to fill the form as it has information that we need like height, weight of paddler etc. If is windy on the selected trip we will try to paddle in an alternative location if possible.

If you want to check the driving distance to the meeting point from your location scroll down and on the right side of the page you will find a clickable title “Directions to the starting point“. Click on that and you will see a link pointing to Google maps. Once you click on it the Google maps will open in your browser where you can fill your hotel name and get afterwards detailed instructions how to get to the starting point. 

 Many times I’m getting questions regarding which trip is the best one and honestly speaking, all are very nice. They all offer a great landscape and interesting things to explore. People with no experience to sea kayaking should be aware that sea kayaking is very dependable of the weather (I’m talking about the wind) and we might have to cancel the trip or offer an alternative or do a trip which has many caves and visit none as the waves are too big to paddle inside the caves. This is why it is very important when you filling the booking form to include more than one date that you can join.

I’m also getting quiet often questions about the weather and sea state. When it is very windy and people are not experienced we either cancel the trip or move it on a different date. There is no pattern in sea conditions, can be flat or with 2+ meter waves and 40 knots of wind and unfortunately due to the very fast change of the weather I can confirm a trip only 2 days prior the starting date unless you book for the Sfakia trip which is usually calmer there. You will receive an email with an update by then. 

Last but not least we need 4 bookings to confirm a trip; that doesn’t mean that you need to book for 4 persons. Once you fill the booking form we will email you with an update closer to the date once more participants join and weather is ok. There is one exception on this and that is the Sfakia trip. Due to have a kayak base there and staff on site we can offer that trip even with two participants.